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MasterProtect NFF products are strong and durable yet lightweight. The pores in the microstructure provide excellent acoustic absorption and thermal retention properties.

The new MasterBuilder inorganic foam portfolio – which includes both NFF 1000 IN and 2000 IN - is specifically aimed at prefabrication and insulation applications in a number of industry sectors. Fire protection issues, insulation  performance, the recyclability of insulation materials are the main drivers for the development of these groundbreaking products. The unique properties of the MasterProtect NFF product portfolio offer building designers and construction industry professionals a range of options.

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To provide you with an overview on the benefits of our foam portfolio with MasterProtect NFF 1000 IN & 2000IN, feel free to download our new English brochure.


Two Unique Inorganic Foam Technologies

NFF 1000IN
High Strength | Great Acoustic & Thermal Insulation | Easy Production
NFF 2000IN
Unique Price/Performance | Fact-Curing | Easy Adaptation to Applications | Sustainable

Early Investor Feedback

Statement from Precast Industry

"This is the first time we are able to insulate our sandwich elements with an in situ-processed foam - Also we are able to steer the viscosity & thermal insulation properties directly in our production. Five stars to MasterProtect NFF!"

Statement from MCP Industry

"At first, I was sceptical when they (MBCC Group) approached me with a closed-cell inorganic foam that should be able to feature 1,5 MPa while still providing a thermal conductivity below 0,14 W/(m*k). Then, within 2 weeks, the MBCC team set up a test run for our block production."

Statement from Applicators

"Due to the unique chemistry behind MasterProtect NFF, we could integrate this new solution for our indoor solutions. Not only do we now have a fireproof insulation material we can apply ourselves, we are actually now expanding our offer to clients with one single technology for acoustic absorption and thermal insulation."

Features & Applications

Block & Board Production

MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN is a solution for exterior insulation & finishing systems.

Further MasterProtect NFF 2000 IN features:

  • Closed cell foam
  • Non-flammable
  • Possible block production
  • Roofing & flooring applications
  • EIFs

Cavity Filling

Depending on your needs, NFF 1000 IN & 2000 IN provide unique features. MasterProtect NFF 1000IN provides higher strength at low densities while having an open cell matrix.

Further MasterProtect NFF 1000IN features:

  • Unique strength at low densities
  • Excellent acoustic absorption
  • Superior thermal insulation capacity
  • Non-flammable
  • Variable density from 100g/l to 1000g/l
  • Mechanical foaming
  • Temperature resistance +1300°C 

Sandwich Construction

You can even go a step further and use both materials in sandwhich construction.

  • NFF 1000 IN for load bearing elements
  • NFF 2000 IN for thermal insulation & non-reinforced connections

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The application variants shown on this page are merely a glimpse of the actual possibilities with MasterProtect NFF IN solutions.

Further options can be:

  • Insulated Concrete Prefab Elements
  • Concrete Bricks & Blocks
  • Fire Protection
    • Doors
    • Chimneys
    • Sandwich Elements
  • Repair Systems
  • Facade Systems
  • Acoustic Absorbers
  • Lightweight Interior Walls
  • Backfill Insulation Material
  • Steel Sandwich Panels (SIPs)
  • ...

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